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Key Players:
Max Harrison Caldwell ~ Copy Editor / Clip Stacker
Avery Lakeman ~ Fabrication / Logistics / Lord of Grit 
Luke Borchelt ~ Operations Strategy / Karaoke God
Al Hartman ~ Hype Man / Day One 
Edith Young ~ Best Friend  / My Inspiration
Ana Tellez ~ Creative Guru / PenPal
Starling Irving ~ Expert Conversationalist / Inspiring Energy
Jared Glaser ~ Skate Coach
Kwasi Ansu ~ Good Friend / Average Surfer
Megan Van Linda ~ Head Chef / Hype Woman
Fishmonger Don ~ Seafood Purveyor
Remington Remmel ~ Style Confidant
Nathan Goldsmith ~ A FINE Artist
Kenny “Doc” Scheer ~ America’s Next Top Model & Hunj

Influential Figures:
Mom & Dad
Nana ~ My BBG
Jonah Weiner & Erin Wylie ~ Inspiring Duo
Fergus Henderson
Alice Waters

Clark ~ I love you

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

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Please let me know if you encounter any glitches. I ain’t no web developer by trade, just out here treading water.