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Canelé Collection

by Ana Téllez

  I. Five Canelés, Sold  

Acrylic on canvas, 12”x 16”

  II. Six Canelés, $120   

Conte pencil on paper, A4 size*

  III. Small Canelé (red), $90  

Micron pen on paper, half A4 size

  IV. Small Canelé (black), $90  

Micron pen on paper, half A4 size


Something we learned: Framing in Madrid is sensibly priced and tasteful. We can help make this reality yours with Ana’s local framer

  Frame Inquiry  

Timing: To receive unframed artwork before Christmas, please order by Dec 12. However, if you want us to frame the piece or you order past the arbitrary aforementioned date, we would love to ship you a modest placeholder until the goods arrive. No one wants to receive a tracking number for Christmas. Ho ho ho oink

Ana and I were introduced as pen pals due to a shared love of cooking at the beginning of the pandemic. We quickly became close friends, supporting each other through the darkest days of solitude. Her constant light, shared belief in cyclical cooking and abundance of heartful creativity has resulted in a friendship that I will forever cherish. She is the backbone of the Fergusalice project and contributed illustrations early on that inspired all of the Fergusalice graphic imagery. Ana was perhaps the person I spoke with most consistently in 2020. While she kept quarantined in Spain during the second wave of the pandemic, I spoke with a few of her family members, each concluding with a generous invitation to spend Thanksgiving at their home in Houston, exclaiming “mi casa es tu casa,” which perfectly embodies the Téllez generosity of spirit. After over 400 days of correspondence, Ana & I met for dinner at King Restaurant - our dream rendezvous locale between Madrid and San Francisco.