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What is the namesake of Fergusalice? 

I will never give you a phonetic spelling of Fergusalice. But the origin of the name comes from the two people who have inspired my passion for cooking the most: Fergus Henderson & Alice Waters. Fergus popularized nose to tail eating, using every part of the pig, making offal look & taste beautiful, while wasting nothing. Alice is the goddess of California cooking and an innovator of farm to table cooking. She uses fresh, seasonal ingredients in simply prepared dishes. Are Fergus & Alice my celebrity dream couple? Ya, 1000%. They are so different yet both value uniquely sustainable approaches to cooking. An ability to bring people together at the dinner table is their shared superpower.

These two beauties have inspired the Fergusalice kitchen to use what is available and to waste nothing. However, I am neither my muse Alice, nor my idol Fergus. I am me. And me likes to cook (among other things). I like action, fluidity & style. I like patience, grace & integrity. I like dry wit & wet kisses. More than anything, I love to share. I share my cooking, share in laughter, share a recipe, share a moment of quiet & care. Fergusalice is a shared community that we hope to cultivate & grow. 

Who are the collective founding members?


Starling’s elegance & grace is as clear as it is consistent. A favorite exhibition of her style took place in multiple cross country tours selling vintage womenswear out of the DIY renovated 1959 Chevy Bus with her partner in crime & pilot, Rein. Willow & K round out the quartet of Irving sisters, who are four of the stronger humans I have the pleasure of knowing, cliff jumping alongside and eating goat cheese, strawberry and tomato salad amongst. If you’re lucky you may catch Starling with her nose in a Paris Review poem, reaching into the fridge for an ice cold roll of portra 400 film, remodeling her dream home on Vancouver Island, or strolling the city streets, casting an eye out for a treasure hidden in plain sight.


Ana and I were introduced as pen pals due to a shared love of cooking at the beginning of the pandemic. We quickly became close friends, supporting each other through the darkest days of solitude. Her constant light, shared belief in cyclical cooking and abundance of heartful creativity has resulted in a friendship that I will forever cherish. She is the backbone of the Fergusalice project and contributed illustrations early on that inspired all of the Fergusalice graphic imagery. Ana was perhaps the person I spoke with most consistently in 2020. While she kept quarantined in Spain during the second wave of the pandemic, I spoke with a few of her family members, each concluding with a generous invitation to spend Thanksgiving at their home in Houston, exclaiming “mi casa es tu casa,” which perfectly embodies the Téllez generosity of spirit. After over 400 days of correspondence, Ana & I met for dinner at King Restaurant - our dream rendezvous locale between Madrid and San Francisco.


Kwasi and I met at The Independent, dancing wildly to Boombox. He has become the cornerstone of my west coast family since moving to SF a few years ago. Kwasi humbles me at every opportunity, is as much a foxhole guy as you’ll meet and definitely knows how to dance. Kwasi is my personal relationship guru whom I repeatedly go to for bad advice and is undeniably the authority on good music in my life.


Edith is my big sister and I am her biggest fan. I am beyond excited to co-create with my role model. The woman has eternal creative drip and a rolodex of ideas that’ll make your head spin. She routinely flexes her generosity and pulse on all things cool via gift giving. My birthdays in the latter half of the 2010s were filled with introductions to Noah by way of a bday fisherman sweater and Online Ceramics via a cotton t-shirt equal parts scary & swaggy. She introduced me to the world of Mikkeller (which I am convinced is a Danish Graphic Designer under the guise of a “Brewing Company”) in the form of a screenprint... and she knows a thing or two about printmaking. Edith put me on to Jonah Weiner’s journalistic masterpieces from earlier HTG days into the Blackbird Spyplane era, all of which have been wildly influential as I navigate the intersection of gorpware, vintage and the baggiest streetwear pieces that I can source. If a contagious smile took a literary form it would be the result of Edith putting pen to paper - coupled with her ability to capture a story in a single image, Edith is as dynamic a player in the visual essay field as I have encountered. Luckily, as she is my big sister, I am spoiled with Edith Young encounters and you just might be too here on Fergusalice.com.


Rem is my go to resource for all things men’s fashion. Since our friendship budded in our freshman highschool dormitory, I have feverishly scoured his xmas list every year thereafter to understand style trends and to unearth brands that would otherwise remain foreign to me. No one is too old for a Christmas list & Rem is a true gift. He initiated me into the CBCG crew, taught me to be intentional about color & texture in the wardrobe, and to shop with patience & fervor. This man has a fashion perspective & sense of humor that is borderline therapeutic. Rem has been as influential as anyone on my continually developing personal style. I look forward to seeing the way Rem weaves together the threads of his passions in men’s fashion and art history.


Avery has quickly ascended to #1 partner-in-crime status. The humble Canadian from Alberta, has a cocky side when it comes to her delusional spice tolerance (undeserved) and her abundance of grit (very much deserved). As an architect by trade, Aves will be the key player in Fergusalice Fabrications. A preview of what is to come: She and I have started the process of pressing, shaping and designing a run of twenty-five skateboards to release in the spring/summer. A key to this project is getting the skateboard mold right, which she designed in Rhino and constructed using beautiful slabs of wood, a ton of glue and a CNC router. She approaches fabrication the same way I cook, wasting nothing. For my birthday, she constructed a gorgeous cutting board from the leftover materials of our skateboard mold. There’s nobody I would rather wield power tools alongside than Avery. Despite all the grit, she is as sweet as they come, and I’m guaranteed to be happy & at ease in her company. As an added bonus you get to hear made up phrases to which she ascribes Canadian origins. Favorite Averyisms include: “flick ‘em in the face” and “pull your socks up.”


Luke, also known as Airbud, grew up playing soccer and slurping crab soup in Annapolis, Maryland. A man of contagious enthusiasm and spellbinding charisma, he received the nickname-turned-stage-name for his winning combo of fair hair and the personality of a golden retriever. After popularizing a twenty-first century anthem for his hometown, the singer-songwriter moved to New York. In 2020, he released his first album, Medusa. This year, he had his first listeners tune in from Cambodia, Uganda, Lesotho, Fiji, and Mongolia. Everyone knows he’s handy to have around, but allow us to reveal Luke’s secret superpower: he’s an incisive copy editor, surgically removing punctuation and wordy words from paragraphs, and then suturing sentences back up better than he found them. Less concealed but similarly underrated is his deftness when it comes to getting dressed — his outfits will give you a new appreciation for the phrase “hitting fits.” These days, he makes buckets on the pickup basketball court, strums the guitar strings, and works on new music.


Al has been my best friend since 3rd grade. He is a master investigator, opening my eyes to reddit & all things deep web while still grinding out Loch Ness Monster detective work in the middle school classroom. He wields a personality that puts friends and strangers alike at ease, and I’ll guarantee you’ll never meet a smooth talkin’ pickle salesman quite like Al. He is funny, he is family and he likes girls.


William is an emotionally intelligent, intellectually curious, and side-splittingly funny arbiter of taste. The enigmatic founder of Fergusalice, his fashion education began when he gestured toward a tank top with spaghetti straps and said, “Noodles, right?” He has no rhythm but likes to dance. This summer, he co-innovated and mastered simulpong, where two siblings keep two ping pong balls in play during a synchronized rally. He is known for his big ideas, his duck tacos, his sourdough bread, his granola recipe, his Baba O’Riley air guitar, his oyster-shucking, his extraordinary hand eye coordination (useful as both a sportsman and a bagpiper), his haunting rendition of the Cranberries’ “Zombie” at the karaoke bar, and for giggling at the Bangor airport. His soul is the color of periwinkle.

What is different about Fergusalice.com from other media properties & marketplaces ?

Trust: The members trust one another and trust themselves. That empowers contributors to genuinely dive into their respective rabbit holes knowing their work will be a true reflection of their taste, personality and passion.

Agency: Members have a sense of ownership within the collective. We aren’t out here pitching stories and ideas for an editor’s approval. We are fired up about creating and that energy takes tangible form.

Personality: Each member of our Fergusalice family will be equipped to flex their personality through editorial pursuits & their for sale collections.

Symbiosis: How can the Fergusalice community help your personal creative pursuits & how can that same pursuit help the cooperative thrive? Fergusalice.com seeks to provide a symbiotic relationship between its individual members & the greater Fergusalice community.