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Artichokes with Aioli

by William

The artichoke is near and dear, a staple of family dinners past, always bringing me back to my childhood home. We have here a truly beautiful flower, but the real treasure is found at its core. It is always nice to share your heart with someone you love.

Serves 2-3


Artichokes ~ 2 or 3 Globes
Water ~ 2L
Salt ~ 30 g
White Vinegar ~ 40 mL
Black Pepper ~ loving pinch
Garlic ~ 1 clove
Lemon ~ 1/2 sliced
Onion ~ 1
Carrot ~ 1
Bay Leaf ~ 1
Aoili ~ As much as the heart desires

Create a flavor bath for your globes. Bring that 2L broth-to-be to a boil and get creative. Notable additions include a king’s ransom of Salt (30g), White Vinegar (40mL), a generous amount of ground Black Pepper, 1 Garlic Clove, 1/2 of a lemon sliced, an Onion, a Carrot and a Bay Leaf. Prepare your artichokes by slicing off the tip of the stem, then cook until stem is tender & easily pierced by a knife (about 25-30 minutes on rolling boil.
Season, Dress & Serve.

The resulting artichokes are the ultimate prize, but stopping there would be borderline criminal. I continue to simmer and concentrate this bath into a vegetable broth. Be inventive, I recommend Poaching an Egg in this flavorful soup or preparing Risotto in this beautifully complex broth. 

  Inspired by Frederik Bille-Brahe