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Nolita Dirtbag Tuxedo

by Fergusalice

Hartman is a scary good friend. A snappy wit that you want on your side. Fiercely loyal. Equal parts humble and humbling.

Like every baddie in lower Manhattan and every creative east of Williamsburg, I love you @Nolitadbag

Kountry Bones Shirt - Size 3 (M)
by Kapital

Looking for a durable shirt that you can wear straight from the office to the gym and right to the bistro’s corner banquet? Behold. Plus, this garment gets better with age, a skeleton shopkeep once said. 

Denim Pant - Size 4 (L)
by Facetasm

Folks like throwing around buzzwords wide and straight in describing their ideal pant. I’m not saying these are the perfect pair of trousers but you’re not going to find a more literal marriage of wide and straight in the world of denim.

They even concealed the true scrawniness of the Dirtbag’s legs, no easy task. Look out for the Nolita Dirtbag’s twiggy leg reveal, courtesy of Esquire.

Scary accurate measurements available upon request.
Happy Halloween

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