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Longsleeve Rugby T-Shirt - Various

by Lady White & Co.

A staple in my personal long sleeve tee quiver, perhaps the most important section of my closet. The first time I saw this shirt can be best described by the title of my favorite Beatles song: "I Want You (She's So Heavy)." I highly recommend you play that song while donning this shirt by the fire for maximum satisfaction. A rugby shirt with a LS tee silhouette is incapable of missing á la Reggie Miller from the stripe.

Cut, sewn, and knit in Los Angeles, CA - Crazy Starchy, Boxy 10 oz heavy cotton - Tight and high neckline - Looks & feels good fitted or relaxed.

Slow boat shipping.

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  Green ~ XL       Natural ~ M  

  Tire Black ~ S       Green ~ S  

  Deep Cement ~ M       Green ~ M