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Reebok Beatnik Sandal

by Brain Dead

Another definitive entry into the comments-per-wear pantheon is the Brain Dead Beatnik. A middle-aged woman on the subway smiled big and could not get enough of the kicks. On the other end of the spectrum, a little boy approached me in the park and asked if he could pet(??) the Beatniks. Rather than calling social services, I allowed it… just this once.

Versatility is the name of the Beatnik Sandal game. They perform well on the trail, by the river, on the ottoman, at the post office or under the dinner table. But there’s no place these sandals look better than enclosed in gift wrapping.

Uppers Combine Blue Suede & Faux Fur and are Secured with an Adjustable Strap. 

  Buy  $165  

  Men’s Size:      4      5      6           11