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Lavender Multi Stripe Shorts - M/L

by Bode

Emily Bode's dedication to the unique — evident everywhere from her one-of-one clothing pieces to the hand-drawn Delacroix tiger lounging on her living room sofa — becomes an almost tangible intoxicant in her Hester Street store.

From her apartment to her flagship store and its adjacent tailor shop, Bode enchants everything she touches and imbues it with a little bit of history. There are two places in the world where I habitually overstay my welcome: co-op grocery stores and Bode's Flagship.

As the son of avid antiquers, it was a question of when, not if, I’d fall in love with this garment.  

Bode Sound Bite: "These one-of-a-kind shorts are cut to mimic traditional British Columbia rugby shorts. They are made from vintage stripwoven country cloth fabric from Côte d'Ivoire. As these fabrics are vintage, we aimed to preserve the historical and geographical significance, which means that all stains, wear, and idiosyncrasies are a part of the story of the fabric and garments."

Made in New York - 100% Cotton - Dry Clean Only - Back Pocket and Zipper Fly - William is 6'2" with a 34” waist (on a good day) & these fit swimmingly.

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