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Deep Pile Crewneck - L
Green New Balance

by Aimé Leon Dore

Like Fergusalice, Aimé Leon Dore is pronunciation agnostic. ALD's clothing and overall aesthetic are similarly dynamic, exemplifying refined streetwear styles that work on the court, in the courthouse or on the municipal building's ledges just outside.

International Friendship Through Basketball: This ALD campaign is like magic hidden in plain sight. There are so many reasons to pick up that basketball, but community is at the center of it all.

One brisk April evening in Hayes Valley, while shooting hoops with two friends, a man approaches and asks if I want to join his group to play 3v3. Claire and Avery propose 4v4 instead, and the man, taken aback, reluctantly agrees. He quickly realizes to his dismay that he will be playing on our team with two women. After a number of powerful drives through the lane, hard fouls, tough buckets, and more of the magic that is schoolyard pickup hoops, our team is within one basket of clinching the win…(cont. below)

Raglan Sleeve - Machine Wash - 100% Polyester - Kenny & William are 6’0” and 6'2" respectively and are wearing a size XL.


... We didn't get there by accident. Claire was spectacular, snagging loose balls, individually securing more rebounds than the whole other team, and making the extra pass to find shooters. Wouldn't be surprised if the next time I see her, she's got a buzz-cut with eclectic hair dyes á la Rodman. Meanwhile, out of this ball movement, Avery (our international sensation) was able to slash and dish, finish below the rim, and render her matchup useless with tenacious defense. We scored the next basket, shook our opponents’ limp hands, and enjoyed many a Modelo & pork rib at 4505 BBQ up the block.