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Reversible Sahasika - XL
Camel and Navy 

by 18 East

Nothing drops an onlooker's jaw like seeing someone wear a fly-as-hell Navy Sahasika to a dinner, going to the bathroom, and coming out dripping in Cords. Use with caution as you may find this piece leading to unsolicited salary bumps, second dates and freed-up parking spots. 

The blue side is made with DWR-coated, water-repellant recycled nylon and the flip side is a custom-milled Japanese cotton corduroy with cables (á la fisherman sweater) woven into the fabric. Freak this at the function or toss it on for the luncheon. 

Proudly made in India - Machine wash cold and hang dry - Tumble Dry May Lead to a Cool Patina at the Risk (or Benefit) of Shrinking - William is 6'2" with a 34” waist and is wearing a size XL.