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Crochet Tulip Bodysuit

by Ajaie Alaie

Good denim and suede are easy to come by, but good crochet? Few and far between. This beauty was made in 2019 but may as well have been knit up for festival season, 1969. It consists of 60 hand-crocheted tulips and took over 30 hours for knitters in Peru to get every detail right. Slight puff to the sleeve, a zipper down the back, and snap closures at the gusset. It's not compatible with sunglasses because it requires full eye contact so you can sexy wink when informing those who compliment you that "actually, it's a bodysuit."

Ajaie Alaie Sound Bite: Ajaie Alaie uses only sustainable, biodegradable textiles, and we work exclusively with small manufacturers who provide fair pay, opportunities for growth, and unique artisan craftsmanship. We offer made-to-order collections that are size-inclusive, accessibly priced, and intentionally low-waste.

Measures ~ Bust: 35 cm - Waist: 31 cm 
Length: 51 cm - Sleeve: 20 cm (inches below*)