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Bison Bean Boots - 10 / 11

by Todd Snyder x L.L. Bean

If vegan leather is a prerequisite then I am afraid you’ve read too far. This Americana twist on a New England classic will turn heads east and west, north and maybe not south. Please wear with caution at the Bronx Zoo, Golden Gate Park’s Bison Paddock and Yellowstone National Park. The animals will perceive you to be kin, and no one wants an encounter with an over-friendly bovine.

From Todd Snyder, “Waterproof distressed bison leather upper has a supple, pliable feel. Iconic rubber chain-tread bottom from the original 1912 Bean Boot. Upper molds to the shape of your foot and ankle for a custom fit. Supportive steel shank. Made in Brunswick, Maine.

These boots run big, consider sizing full size up

  Size 10 - Sold  
                   Size 11 - $350